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Aqara Smart Door Lock S2


Product Name: Xiaomi Aqara S2 Smart Door Lock

Accessory Kits Size: Fits for 96-120mm Thickness Door
Fits for Both Left Open & Right Open Door
Standard lock body: Fits for 40~120mm Thickness Door
Unlock Method: Fingerprint, Password, Key
Product Dimension: 375.5×75.5x25mm (No Contain Door Handle)
Surface Treatment: Stoving Varnish, Electroplating
Color: Grey
Lock Bolt Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Lock Core Grade: C Grade
Can Input 25 Sets of Passwords
Can Input 25 Sets of Fingerprints
Pasword Length: 6-10 Bit
Working Temperature: -25℃~55℃
Communication Protocol: Zigbe e
Battery Size: 4 or 8Pcs AA Battery
Emergency Power Supply: Micro USB
Standby Time: Approx. 12 Months (10 Times/Day)
Remote Unlock: No
Auto Information Notification: Wrong Fingerprint and Password Input Reminder (wrong input three times, temporarily locked for 5 minutes); Low Power Reminder; Lockpicking Reminder
Active Alarm: Lockpicking, Low Battery Level
APP Download: Mi Home (on Mainstream AP P Store, English Language)
It can be coordinated with many Aqara devices. When the door is unlocked at home, the room will automatically light up, the water heater will be heated automatically, and the curtains will be opened quietly. These smart devices make the home more comfortable and warm.
Connect with other intelligent devices through Zigbe e communication protocol, and the response speed is fast. The instability and interruption of the wireless network in the home will not affect the experience. The integrated intelligent home automation need to be realized through the gatewa y.
Q: Can I use AP P to unlock the lock remotely?
A: There are some vulnerabilities in the Wifi router, which leads to the security risk of the remote unlock function being deliberately attacked by hackers. Therefore, our lock does not support the remote AP P unlock.
Q: Do smart locks have to be used together with gatewa y devices? (Like Xiaomi Upgrade Gatewa y)
A: Without gatewa y, you can also input fingerprint, password, locks can be used normally. The gatewa y device can realize the coordinated control with other devices and then you can also check the lock status through the AP P application.

Delivery set
Delivery set

Select the corresponding accessory kits according to the thickness of your door.

Package Included:
1 x Xiaomi Aqara S2 Smart Door Lock
1 x Lock Core
3 x Keys
1 x Instruction

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