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Aqara Wall Light Switch Double Key - review, installation

Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version wireless light switch working on ZigBee protocol.


Possible scenarios for using the device:

  • Light control. Press the key once to turn the light off / on

(Used Wireless Switch + Smart Wall ZigBee Switch)

  • If the person enters the room — the light turns on, goes out — turns off
Easy setup
Easy setup

(Used Mi motion sensor + Smart Wall ZigBee Switch)

  • The light automatically turns on when you open the entrance doors

(Used Mi sensor for windows/doors + Smart Wall ZigBee Switch)

Manufacturer Aquara
Model Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version (Double Key)
Type Light Switch
Dimensions 86*86*15.12mm
Operating humidity: 5%-95%RH (non-condensing)
Operating temperature: -5℃-+60℃
Load range: ≤800W / circuit, 3W energy saving lamp / 5W LED lamp / 16W fluorescent lamp at minimum
Wireless type: ZigBee
Input voltage: 220V~, 50Hz for single live line
Color White
Package 1 x Aqara Smart Light Wall Switch ZigBee Version
User manual PDF

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