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There are many countries and regions that are foggy frequently. Moreover, the air is polluted a lot in almost all countries. That’s why many companies have begun paying more attention to making products that can somehow solve this problem. Among those products, we should mention the air purifiers. In fact, air purifiers have many unavoidable problems. Because they are closed, the concentration of carbon dioxide in indoors remains too high for a long time. The air purifiers with small size are noisy. The noise is small, but the space is small, and there is air. The purification area of the purifier is limited.

What is the difference between a fresh air system and an air purifier?

Nowadays, a new product called the fresh air system is used in large quantities in enterprises and homes. We believe many people have heard of the fresh air system during the renovation, but they don’t know the difference with the air purifier.

The so-called fresh air system extracts the outdoor air through the pipeline and filters through the machine to enter the room. At the same time, the new air blower will make the indoor air pressure slightly larger than the outdoor, and the indoor air will slowly leak out through the gap to achieve the purpose of purifying and circulating air.

Mijia new fan

To make an analogy, automotive air conditioners have two modes: inner circulation and outer circulation. The inner circulation is like an air purifier, which purifies and circulates indoor air in a confined space. The outer circulation is like a fresh air system that draws in and purifies the outside air.

In the actual use, the air purifier has a good purifying effect in a confined space. But when people are in a closed environment for a long time, it is easy to cause indoor hypoxia and excessive carbon dioxide. If the fog is caught up, it is unrealistic to open the window. With the fresh air system, you can complete the ventilation without this trouble, removing the cockroach at the same time. In addition, since the indoor air pressure is slightly higher than the outdoor, the outdoor polluted air enters. So these systems are also beneficial to the discharge of harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

The disadvantages of the fresh air system are high cost and troublesome installation. The entry-level products are priced over four or five thousand yuan, while the high-end models cost around tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. Moreover, the higher the products, the higher the installation requirements.

So if summarize the current problems of the fresh air system, we can say that they are expensive, need to make a relatively large modification of the house, and consume much electricity.

The time for Xiaomi to enter the empty field is not too short. Since 2014, a series of products including air purifiers, car air purifiers, masks, and other air quality products have been introduced. Their biggest selling point is the cost-effectiveness. Recently, Xiaomi has set foot in the market of the fresh air system, and launched a Mijia new fan, with a crowdfunding price of 1999 yuan ($289).


Taking the air quality problem as an opportunity in recent years, the air purifiers have become a popular category. In more families, enterprises and even service places, we can see many air purifiers. In contrast, fresh air products have always been tepid in the market. Among them, the chaotic pricing of four or five thousand or even nearly ten thousand yuan is an important reason to keep buyers out. Similar to many industries that are in the lead-in period, the new wind industry also needs a cost-effective and popular product to truly activate the market.

The price of the Mijia new fan is not high, the installation is simple and convenient, and the threshold of the fresh air system is lowered to some extent. If you have a large population and ample installation space, the 2,000-yuan Mijia new fan is worth considering.

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