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Aqara is a brand of Lumi United Technology.Lumi United Technology specializes in the design and development of intelligent hardware and software solutions that can improve your quality-of-life at home and your efficiency at the office. Lumi joined Xiaomi’s ecosystem in 2014 as one of the earliest Xiaomi Ecosystem company.

Lumi is committed to applying the best industrial design, proprietary low energy consumption know-how, robust IoT software, cutting edge AI technologies, and unyielding cost savings to provide the premier smart home experience. Lumi also provides creative solutions to the B2B sector, such as, hotels, offices, and professional home decorators.

Since 2015, Lumi attracted significant amounts of investments from top international capital, such as Xiaomi, Shunwei Capital, Cathay Capital, GIC, Grand Flight Investment, and LanTing Capital. In 2016, Lumi has achieved break-even point. At the same time, its leading position in smart home industry has become more influential. Currently, Lumi has completed its Series B+ round financing.

In 2015, Lumi released the ‘Mi Smart Home Kit’. Its unique design, low-energy consumption, and cost efficiency made this classic kit overwhelmingly popular. The sales volume of Lumi products reached a million within the first year. Since then, Lumi continuously released more than ten products, such as smart plug, switch, air conditioner controller, curtain controller and smart door lock. The products have met the basic needs of smart home. With the spreading of smart home, the demand for Lumi smart home devices grows exponentially. The sales volume of Lumi products has reached more than 500,000 pieces during the Singles’ Day Festival in 2018, which is far ahead in the industry.

In 2016, Lumi established its own brand Aqara and it leads the technology of IoT and serves thousands of households. Aqara smart devices interacts with other Xiaomi Ecosystem devices to make people’s life much easier. Aqara hopes not only to provide the convenient smart life for every family but also contribute to energy conservation and environmental protection.

In 2017, Lumi announced the establishment of the first industry’s smart home 4S service system including Solution, Sales, Service and Survey. By 2018, there are over 300 Aqara service providers and 115 Lumi smart home showrooms in China. In the future, Aqara service providers will continue to making efforts to cover all levels of cities in China, and spread smart home lifestyle to thousands of households.

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