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 Ready for Sky

The Ready For Sky mobile application is the connecting link between the range of REDMOND smart devices and the user.
It provides easy control of the Sky-series devices in a near-field area (up to 60 m).
Just follow the on-screen prompts on your smartphone to set them to the optimum parameters for your appliance’s operation.
Ready for Sky
Ready for Sky


The all-in-one Ready for Sky application helps you control all of the Sky devices simultaneously. The number of connected devices is unlimited. The signals are sent unimpeded and every new device is easily integrated into the smart home system in just a few clicks. If you happen to have several identical Sky appliances at home, you can also set a name for each of them in the app to send commands to the correct devices without any confusion.

Ease of use

The application is very straightforward. Just follow the prompts on your smartphone screen. The convenient interface makes it “all-too easy” to find the device you need and gain access to all the functions and programs in a single touch of your smartphone screen. All you have to do is just turn on your app to see whether your appliance is turned on. Or you can also turn it off. And, on top of that, you can go ahead and start cooking in the Skycooker right from your smartphone just by selecting a recipe in the app.


Each app update allows you to expand the functionality of your smart appliances. You can use all the new functions when controlling an appliance from your smartphone, a feature which meets the requirements of the most advanced of users. Thanks to the upgrade, the Sky appliances will never go out of date and you won’t have to purchase any new devices.


The data between the app and the devices are transferred in an encrypted format, ensuring the high security of your smart home. No one can hack into your account or change the appliance settings, since when accessing the application from another mobile device, in addition to entering the password and login, a pairing process is required that can not be performed from a far-field area.


You can set REDMOND smart appliances to automatically switch on and off both in the near-field and far-field areas via the Ready for Sky application.For example, your lights automatically turning on in the hall when you enter the apartment, the heater turning on in your living room, and your toast already toasting in the kitchen. You can set an operation schedule for nearly every REDMOND smart appliance in the Ready for Sky application, an option that will be particularly useful for controlling lighting and climate equipment at home. You can also set interaction scenarios for different smart devices as well: e.g. the motion sensor transmitting a signal to the light control unit and the chandelier turning on by itself in the room.

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