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One of the objectives for our site is to provide you with the information necessary to make a smart decision. The goal is to find the best air purifier on the market for your situation.

When we first started to look at air purifiers there was little information to go on. As a result we have taken on this project. As part of this we show you the results of our testing.

Plus, we read hundreds of customer reviews and summarized the results. We value what the consumer reports.

There are different air purification technologies, filters and price points. Unless you put a lot of time into researching purifiers it can be daunting. If not impossible.

We hope that you find our air purifier rating and ranking system easy to understand and valuable. We want you to be confident with your decision.

In coming up with our listing of the best air purifiers, we have focused most of the weighting toward air purifiers that work based upon results in test labs. We also included testimonials from actual air purifier owners. Their insights highlight the good, the bad and the ugly.